Restaurant Engine Launches!

Woo hoo! Break out the champaign! We’ve made it! After months of sketches, wireframing, designing, coding, re-coding, beta testing, talking to customers, more testing, refining, and polishing, I’m thrilled to…

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Stop Frustrating Visitors With PDF Menus on Your Restaurant Website! (here's a better solution)

Attention Restaurant Website owners: Stop frustrating your visitors with your PDF food menu! That’s an easy way to lose potential new customers… Here is a better solution for presenting your…

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Is Your Flash Website Costing Your Restaurant Customers?

If you’re serious about attracting restaurant customers to your website in 2012 and beyond, then you should NOT be using Flash. This video breaks down 3 crucial reasons why your…

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Design Template Spotlight: "Primo"

In our Design Template Spotlight series, we will feature individual templates from the Restaurant Engine collection. Remember, Restaurant Engine members have access to all of our website templates — present…

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Restaurant Mobile Websites in 2012 and Beyond

If there is one trend that is sweeping the web in 2012 and beyond, it would be mobile websites.  And your restaurant iPad or smartphone website is more important than ever. That…

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